Passionate system architects

who specialize in scalable WEB & MOBILE application development with more then 30 years experience in global IT projects.


Our decades of experience provides a solid basis of our advice to solve challenging tasks in all areas of your IT. We are focused on scalable, sophisticated WEB & MOBILE applications ! We put our ideas into action ! A powerful system architecture is as important as choosing the most efficient tools and methods. HTML5/JavaScript and Content Management Systems (CMS) are part of our repertoire.


We are developing cross – platform, so our WEB and MOBILE applications are platform neutral. Our core competencies include the efficient use of REST & SOA WEBServices and Database-design including ORM Object Relational Mapping. We are using a variety of craft stuff of tools, frameworks and developing systems.


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I have worked with Raymond Treß during a number of years and mainly in one major project - the EU FP 7 -project myEcoCost. During our time and work together Raymond has proven himself to be a very capable software developer, problem solver and having great knowledge of different systems, concepts and development approaches existing in the rapid changing environment that the ICT world is today. I gladly recommend him as a software developer and problem solver and do not hesitate working with him in future projects.
Sten Erik Björling

Sten Erik Björling

CEO, Envirodata , Sweden

The “Omnis Technical Excellence of the Year” award went to Raymond Treß of Ädelfors Consult who has been connected with Omnis for 30 years and never stops pushing Omnis to the limits, while motivating the Omnis development team to implement new and ground-breaking features. Raymond has always been one of the first to adopt new technologies and integrate them into his Omnis apps and to enter new markets. Also, Raymond is always prepared to share his knowledge and has been a speaker on all our conferences and also contributed some videos to the Omnis Video.
Birgit Jäger

Birgit Jäger

CEO , OMNIS Germany

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