Swift server versus Node.js

Can Server-Side Swift beat Node.js?

Swift as a primary language for everything, including the server, has been intriguing since it was first open sourced and ported to Linux. Many of you are assuredly as curious as I am, so I’m very pleased to share the results of Ryan Collins study here. He would say that Server-Side Swift is well on its way to being a very big contender in the programming arena.

Swift server versus Node.js

Swift server versus Node.js

Regional conference Frankfurt 2016 1

Regional conference Frankfurt 2016

The Omnis Regional conference, held 1+2 June at the Hotel Landhaus Waitz in Mühlheim-Lämmerspiel near Frankfurt/Main in Germany, was a fantastic success with an increased number of attendees, a broad spectrum of technical sessions in German and English, and a real buzz for all things Omnis Studio. Raymond’s part was about Omnis connectivity  Omnis as a “central turntable” for the development of modern web applications, linking of various other software, databases, tools etc. with REST technology

Slideshow of Raymond’s session about a REST / JSON connection to a foreign backend -server (Backendless)

Slideshow von Raymond’s Session über die Anbindung eines fremden Backend – Servers (Backendless)