WordPress for OMNIS

  • Access and control of the WordPress infrastructure .
  • Create/Read/Update/Delete Pages, Posts in realtime.
  • Bulk-operations for Create/Delete.
  • Update content via the OMNIS Rich Text Editor Control.
  • Full access to the WordPress Media Library

OMNIS Developer portal online !

We are hugely indebted to Raymond Treß of Adelfors Consulting in Sweden for the original concept and design of the site. Ray is a long-term Omnis developer and advocate of community forums and he hopes that the Omnis community will embrace this new concept. Ray has also started an Omnis group on Slack which you may like to join


[iframe width=’100%’ height=’900′ src=’https://developer.omnis.net/blog/omnis-software-launches-new-developer-portal’]

Swift server versus Node.js

Can Server-Side Swift beat Node.js?


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Swift as a primary language for everything, including the server, has been intriguing since it was first open sourced and ported to Linux. Many of you are assuredly as curious as I am, so I’m very pleased to share the results of Ryan Collins study here. He would say that Server-Side Swift is well on its way to being a very big contender in the programming arena.

Swift server versus Node.js

Swift server versus Node.js