Omnis Studio Omnis Studio is a powerful development environment that lets you deploy apps to virtually any device, on any platform, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

Create web, mobile, and enterprise apps – quickly and easily Omnis Studio lets you build powerful, leading-edge solutions for all types of industries and market sectors, and allows you to save money by developing your applications in less time and with fewer resources.

With Omnis Studio, you can deploy your applications to virtually any device, on any desktop or mobile platform, all from one code base, with the JavaScript Client.

  • Complete, integrated development environment Omnis Studio provides a complete,
  • integrated development environment for creating web, mobile, and enterprise apps.
  • The SQL Browser lets you connect natively to all leading databases, including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and to many others via JDBC and ODBC.
  • The powerful method editor and debugger lets you write and edit code quickly – and you can run the debugger on your live web & mobile apps!
  • The Omnis VCS lets you manage your Omnis libraries and other files throughout the whole lifecycle of your project and across many geographic locations.

Adelfors Consult AB has more then 30 years experience with OMNIS !

We are designing and developing OMNIS WEB and MOBILE applications for every platform.

The “Omnis Technical Excellence of the Year” award went to Raymond Treß of Adel Consult who has been connected with Omnis for 30 years and never stops pushing Omnis to the limits, while motivating the Omnis development team to implement new and ground-breaking features. Raymond has always been one of the first to adopt new technologies and integrate them into his Omnis apps and to enter new markets. Also, Raymond is always prepared to share his knowledge and has been a speaker on all our conferences and also contributed some videos to the Omnis Video Gallery.

Birgit Jäger, CEO Tigerlogic Germany
OMNIS Award 2016

OMNIS Award 2016