Project structure

Our part was the WEB & MOBILE application development for the Swedish project partner Enviro Data.

The project was co.funded by the European Union.


Project task

The WEB & MOBILE application should

    • enable the enduser / customer to create his environmental profile
    • by scanning of products in a shop and get their data
    • comparing it’s items with similar products local and remote
    • intuitive , time based business graphics

Technical highlights

  • Heterogeneous system architecture
  • Data access via SOAP andlocal
  • OMNIS WebClient
  • Javascript
  • Highcharts JS framework for business graphics

Watch a video of the MOBILE application.

See a gallery of screenshots .

myEcoCost  Objectives

myEcoCost will develop a methodology that defines a global collaborative network of resource accounting nodes. It will provide a means of accounting for and expressing usage of natural resources for products, services and technologies, to inform all economic actors on environmentally relevant information with dynamically calculated, near real time figures.

Using an Internet-based SOA, relevant and timely data is passed from supplier to customer recursively through the whole value chain to produce ecological costs (ecoCosts) for each product or service.

The myEcoCost project

co-funded by the European Union

Read an extract about the objectives and / or watch a movie about the project

Link to myEcoCost Website